2018 Leadership

Ps. Dennis Senam Amable (Ghana) – Pastor in Charge
Ps. Dennis Senam Amable (Ghana) – Member

Church Board Members

Elder Xavier Lynch (New Zealand) – Board Chairman

Mrs Nicola Lynch (New Zealand) – Member

Mr. Nixon Tongun (South Sudan) – Member
Mr. Isaac Nunoo (Ghana) – Member

2018 Leadership

Deaconess Mary Frimpong (Ghana) – Leader in Charge of Sunday Service
Junior Milembolo Miantezila (D.R Congo) Leader in Charge of Sunday Service
Maxine Tapiwan Mahlunge (Zimbabwe) – Leader of Multimedia Team


Oluwasegun Oladipo (Nigeria) – Leader of Outreach Team

Selina Ayivi-Tosuh (Ghana) – Head of Food Department/ Finance

Chisha Mary Ntinda Nakazwe (Zambia) – Deputy Head of Food Department

Feyisike Jones (Nigeria) – Leader of Ushering Team / Finance
Fadzai Mushangwe (Zimbabwe) – Leader of Praise and Worship Team

Deborah Testimony Cyprian (Nigeria) – Deputy Praise and Worship Team Leader/ Cell Group Leader of Changchun University for Chinese Medicine.
Amos Nartey (Ghana) – Leader of Prayer Team
Vida Mensah (Ghana) – Deputy Leader of Prayer Team
Jenny Ngoyi ( D.R Congo) – Cell Group Leader for Flambeau De Dieu

Aka Mel Jean Emmanuel Abraham (Cote D’Ivoire) – Cell Group Leader of Aviation University
Mizeezo Chiputa (Zambia) – Cell Group Leader of Garden of Harmony

Lubona Mungabo (Zambia) – Cell Group Leader of Architecture University
Anna Elias (Ghana) – Cell Group Leader of Medical South



Deacon Jeremy Muzenda

Serving God through Serving as a Leader in Mosaic Christian Community has been a life changing experience for me. In Mosaic I learned true servant leadership, where the position of leadership is not a title but a function of service to God’s people. This in itself taught me biblical leadership & humility.

In Mosaic I learned to grow past denominations and the different churches we attend back home to serving as ONE BODY of Christ (“So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.” Romans 12:5 KJV).

It is true that the steps of the Righteous are ordered by the Lord. A journey of visiting my wife in China, turned into a missionary journey and bible school. I am grateful that my steps led me to Mosaic Christian Community a true “Training Ground for Christian Leaders”.