The foundation stone for the start of the church, then Onnuri Mosaic Community (OMC) was laid on April 20th 2008 when then senior Pastor of Onnuri Community church, Rev. Sangsoo Kim introduced to some African International students the possibility of starting one Christian family community (after being led by God to do so). This was done after he had founded the Korean Youth Group in Changchun city (Onnuri Church) on March 28th, 2008.
God backed his vision and after a few months OMC was established as an active church. This brought about the name ONNURI MOSAIC COMMUNITY CHURCH, which is simply a combination of the Korean community and the International Community as a big family of God. The Korean division is referred to as Onnuri and the International section is referred to as Mosaic. As at that time, Reverend Sangsoo Kim was the Senior Pastor, Pastor William the Pastor in Charge of Mosaic and Pastor Xavier Lynch the Associate Pastor of Mosaic. By God’s grace the Community was grew and people were being blessed.
In the middle of 2009, Rev. Sangsoo Kim had to leave China back to South Korea and was replaced by Rev. Park Si-Hyoung as the senior pastor with Pastor Joseph Soohyo Lee as associate. At the beginning of 2011, Pastor William who was in charge of Mosaic section of OMC also left Changchun and was replaced by Pastor Xavier Lynch as Pastor in Charge.
In the middle of 2012, Deacon Tommie Mambo Njobvu was appointed as assistant Pastor and served as pastor in charge of Mosaic section until he graduated in July 2015 with his PhD degree in Educational Economics and Administration. He then handed over to Pastor Edward Abasimi since July 2015 until he also graduated with a PhD in Educational Psychology in July 2018. Pastor Dennis Senam Amable is currently the head pastor of Mosaic.
The name Onnuri Mosaic Community (OMC) in April 2018 was changed to Mosaic Christian Community (MCC) after the Onnuri Community Church mission in Changchun came to end in July 2017. The leadership of the Onnuri church made the Mosaic section autonomous and no longer had to report to the church in South Korea. With Pastor Edward Abasimi as the pastor then, the leadership decided to change the name from OMC to MCC after almost a year of being independent.
Most of the people in MCC are mature, well-educated believers and are therefore valuable building blocks in our faith community (Koinonia). When they finish their study or work in China, they return to their own countries better prepared to be Christian leaders in the various communities where God places them.
Within the past four years approximately 1,000 brothers and sisters from more than 52 nations have passed through “Mosaic.” They have experienced the life in the book of Acts.

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  1. I am a living testimony of what God is doing through Onnuri Mosaic Church. Thanks for the founders. More grace of God upon you.

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