Praise and Worship

The purpose of the Praise and Worship Team is to lead God’s people in praise and worship through welcoming and ushering in His Holy Spirit. We want to magnify and exalt the Lord in our hearts, to create an environment for believers to passionately and freely express their adoration of God. From quiet, humble reflection to intense, passionate praise, we are committed to worshipping in spirit and in truth. Our aim is to lead the body of believers in offering their praise to glorify the Lord and move all hearts to cry out to the One and Only Living God.

When worshippers are drawn into God’s presence, they speak to Him, and listen to Him. We rejoice when our mission has been accomplished.

We rehearse, pray, and prepare each week for our services. We believe God desires all people to pursue excellence in whatever talent or gift he has given them in order to bless and encourage others to His glory (Romans 12:6).


Deborah Cyprian
Wechat: Debbysaint

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    1. You are very much welcome my brother, Are you currently in Changchun City? Do you attend our celebration service on sunday? If so, please See Deacon Mumba on any of the Sundays or you can call him on +86 159 4834 8730. May God bless you


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